Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island

Mauritius Island

The Paradise Island

Welcome to the paradise on Earth, Mauritius Island! You are definitely in for a treat if you have ever imagined amazing beaches, lush landscapes, and a vibrant melting pot of cultures. We’ll take you on a tour of Mauritius Island in this blog to show you its secret attractions and fascinating culture.

This island is located in the southern hemisphere, has an ancient past that has been shaped by the Dutch, French, and British. It now has a vibrant multicultural society.

Mauritius Island

Mauritius Population

Mauritius was home to approximately 1.27 million souls as per the last update. Considering that the island spans a mere 2,040 square kilometers (787 square miles), this population density places it among the most densely inhabited places globally. Indeed, Mauritius has transformed into a microcosm of cultures, ethnicities, and faiths, creating a captivating societal blend.

Air Mauritius Flight

You are probably wondering how to get to this tropical paradise. Luckily, Mauritius has a well-connected international airport, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, ensuring easy access for travelers worldwide.

Mauritius Visa

Visiting Mauritius requires a tourist visa for many nationalities. Don’t worry; the application procedure is not too complicated. However, before making plans to travel, it is imperative to confirm the most recent visa requirements.

Hotels in Mauritius

For a truly indulgent experience, consider staying at one of the island’s luxurious resorts. From overwater bungalows to private villas, Mauritius offers accommodations that redefine opulence.

Unparalleled Luxury

Overwater Bungalows: Wake up to the gentle lull of the Indian Ocean in your private overwater bungalow. These havens offer direct access to crystal-clear lagoons, creating an intimate connection with nature.

Private Villas: Enjoy seclusion and exclusivity in private villas, complete with your pool and dedicated butler service. You’ll feel like royalty surrounded by lush gardens or pristine beaches.

World-Class Amenities: Luxury extends beyond your room with award-winning spas, championship golf courses, infinity pools, Michelin-starred dining, and pristine beaches at your doorstep.

Tailored Experiences: Personalization is key. Resorts offer custom experiences like romantic beachside dinners, guided snorkeling, or cultural immersions in local traditions.

Sustainability: Many resorts prioritize sustainability and conservation, ensuring a responsible luxury experience that preserves the island’s natural beauty.

Hotels in Mauritius

Things to do in Mauritius

Port Louis Mauritius

The capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, is a bustling hub of culture and commerce. Don’t miss the Central Market for a taste of local life and the iconic Aapravasi Ghat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Port Louis is a microcosm of Mauritius itself—where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. Whether you’re delving into the pages of history at Aapravasi Ghat, savoring street food at the Central Market, or admiring the skyline along the waterfront, the capital city offers an enriching experience that leaves an indelible mark on your journey through Mauritius

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth

Nature enthusiasts will be in awe of the surreal landscapes at Chamarel. The seven distinct colors of sand dunes here are a geological wonder and a must-see. The centerpiece of Chamarel is the legendary “Seven Colored Earths,” a geological phenomenon that defies explanation. These undulating sand dunes exhibit seven distinct colors—red, brown, violet, blue, green, and yellow—creating an otherworldly mosaic. It’s as if an artist’s palette spilled onto the Earth’s canvas.

Water Adventures

Mauritius is a paradise for water sports lovers. Snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea walk and even swimming with dolphins are popular activities. The crystal-clear waters teem with marine life and vibrant coral reefs.

Delectable Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is a delightful fusion of flavors influenced by Chinese, Indian, African, and French culinary traditions. From mouthwatering street food to fine dining, you’ll relish every bite.


What is the best time to go to Mauritius?

The ideal season to visit Mauritius is from May to December, when its climate is dry, cooler, and ideal for outdoor activities.

Are there any water sports options for beginners in Mauritius?

Absolutely! Many operators offer beginner-friendly water sports activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, tube ride and undersea walk.

Language Spoken in Mauritius island?

The official language in Mauritius is Mauritian Creole. French and English as well are widely spoken in Mauritius.

Best street food in Mauritius

You can buy a variety of delicious local delicacies in Port Louis' vibrant Central Market, where you can try real street food.
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