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Mauritius is a small island with huge diversity. For example, you can hike a mountain on a given day and enjoy a sandy beach less than an hour after. But it would be best if you had a car or bus for whatever activity you desire in Mauritius. If you are a tourist visiting the island for a limited time, forget about using regular bus services as you will lose precious time. What are the best options in such a case? Taxi services or car rental? This article will highlight which is best for you in what circumstances.

Duration of Stay

The first thing that comes to mind as to whether you need a taxi or rent a car is the duration of your stay in Mauritius. If you are in Mauritius for a few days, the best option would be to call a taxi whenever you need one. As a result, you will save money as you will not travel so much all the time. The beautiful tourist destination has beautiful sandy beaches where you would like to rest the day and enjoy the sea. Limited time, you don’t want to waste much travelling!

On the other, if you have planned for a long stay, it might be a good idea to hire a car for the long term. Consequently, you will get a better price to move whenever required. For example, you might need to go shopping for groceries or visit one of the attractions in Mauritius.

There is also the weather factor if you are in Mauritius during the rainy season. For example, you might have planned diving, but it got cancelled due to bad weather. A car is a huge advantage as you can immediately change your plan and visit an aquarium, a historical building or a museum.

Right-hand and left-hand drive

In Mauritius, we drive on the left. If you are from France or a country that drives on the left, it might be an issue if you are on the island for a few days. We need time to change our daily routines, and it might be a bad idea to jump into a car and drive on the other side of the road, even if you have an international license. We advise you to think about safety first and call a taxi instead. You are also in a hurry most of the time during a short stay, and you may not want to take any risk with driving when your mind is busy thinking about other things most of the time.

But if you have time to start driving slowly, you can rent a car. In a few days, you will be good on the left side of the road with a car.

Consider Parking

Going to a busy city like Port Louis is disadvantageous using a rental car if you are unfamiliar with parking areas. Most of the time, you will not get parking by the side of the road in Port Louis, and you need to park in areas designed for this purpose. If you don’t know the parking facilities in the vicinity of the place you want to go in Port Louis, you may lose much time finding a parking lot. A better option, in this case, is to waive a taxi that will get you to the right destination very quickly in busy cities.


Now, it is easy for you to decide on a taxi or a car rental. We wish you a wonderful and safe stay in Mauritius. Plan your daily activities and decide the mode of transport you need to create great memories on the island with your family and loved ones. Even if you are here as a solo traveller, the tips will help you decide the type of car you need.

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